3rd Arctic Exhibition 2013

Arctic vista with Arctic Exhibition logo


Three digital sections: Snow and Ice (ND), Open color (PID color) & open monochrome (PID monochrome)

Monochrome definition

A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey. A black & white work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monocrome work able to stand in the black & white category; such a work may be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue.On the other hand a black and white work modified by partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work (polycrome) to stand in the colour category.
A monochrome print is defined as having no more than one colour, but may be one single colour.

Nature definition

Nature photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict observations from all branches of natural history, except anthropology and archeology, in such a fashion that a well informed person will be able to identify the subject material and to certify as to its honest presentation. The story telling value of a photograph must be weighed more than the pictorial quality while maintaining high technical quality. Human elements shall not be present, except where those human elements enhance the nature story. The presence of scientific bands, scientific tags or radio collars on wild animals is permissible. Photographs of artificially produced hybrid plants or animals, mounted specimens, or obviously set arrangements, are ineligible, as is any form of manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement. No techniques that add to, relocate, replace, or remove pictorial elements except by cropping are permitted. Techniques that enhance the presentation of the photograph without changing the nature story or the pictorial content are permitted. All adjustments must appear natural. Color images may be converted to grayscale monochrome. Infrared images are not allowed.


FIAP: 2013/189, UPI: Licence L130032-M4G3S4B, PSA: Recognition PID and ND



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