3rd Arctic Exhibition 2013

Arctic vista with Arctic Exhibition logo


The following awards (1 medal unless otherwise noted) will be given for each section:

1 PSA Gold Medal (Best in Show)
1 FIAP Gold Medal
1 UPI Medal
1 PSA Silver Medal
1 FIAP Silver Medal
1 PSA Bronze Medal
1 FIAP Bronze Medal
1 Arctic Exhibition Gold Medal
1 Arctic Exhibition Silver Medal
1 Arctic Exhibition Bronze Medal
NSFF Gold Medal "Best travel"
NSFF Gold Medal "Best action"
NSFF Gold Medal "Best portrait"
NSFF Gold Medal "Best landscape"
NSFF Gold Medal "Best nude"
3 Arctic Exhibition Silver Plaques
3 Arctic Exhibition Bronze Plaques
Total: 21 medals in each section

Please note that an image can receive only one of the above awards. NSFF medals may be awarded to previously awarded photos.

Common awards based on overall results in the competition:

Award Condition
Weekend for two persons at Thon Hotels in Norway. Value NOK 2000 Best Norwegian author in competition
NSFF Cup Best Norwegian photo club in competition
NSFF Cup Best Norwegian author in competition
FIAP Pin Best overall author in competition
BOFK Gold medal Chairmans choice
Total: 5 common awards  

Description of acronyms

Photographic Society of America
Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique
United Photographers International
Norsk Selskap For Fotografi. The Norwegian Photographic Society
FIAP: 2013/189, UPI: Licence L130032-M4G3S4B, PSA: Recognition PID and ND
Bodø Fotoklubb logo Norsk Selskap for Fotografi logo

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