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  Entrant Title Awards Image
  Im Kai Leong EFIAP PPSA Motorbike in Flood PSA: Gold medal
  Lev Ravich On the Lake PSA: Gold medal
  Nóra Skerlecz In a purple dream PSA: Gold medal
  Jacky Hutting MFIAP EFIAP/b St. Joseph et Couleur FIAP: Gold medal
  Jan-Thomas Stake MFIAP EFIAP/d3 Globes 2020 FIAP: Gold medal
  David Woodcock EFIAP FAPS Yes this is real FIAP: Gold medal
  Frank-Petter Johannessen Tåke i byparken Arctic Exhibition Gold Medal
  Chi Fun Fanny NG Iceberg in the Dark Arctic Exhibition Gold Medal
  Benny Rytter NSMiF/P PPSA Spawning Arctic Exhibition Gold Medal
  Hebe Kvernmo On melting ice BOFK Gold medal Chairmans choice
  Akos Solymos Hunting BOFK Gold medal Chairmans choice
  David Wheeler FRPS MFIAP Not Good Enough BOFK Gold medal Chairmans choice
  Walter Gaberthuel EFIAP MPSA Sceptical Look Carl M. Stoermer Gold Medal
  Joan Gil EFIAP/d1 MCEF/o Brenda jump PSA: Silver medal
  Rolf Tore Kjaeran EFIAP/b Old man in Nordbyen PSA: Silver medal
  Marc Rob Ballerine 1 PSA: Silver medal
  Alireza Bagheri Sani N0.3 FIAP: Silver medal
  Russell Jacobsen My street Barcelona FIAP: Silver medal
  Dejan Kokol EFIAP/b KMFFZS Into Unknown FIAP: Silver medal
  Peter Balantic F1FZS AFIAP Through the Broccoli Forest Arctic Exhibition Silver medal
  Catherine Bushe EFIAP/p LIPF The Lonesome Runner Arctic Exhibition Silver medal
  Anatolie Poiata EFIAP AFIAP Lonely Street Arctic Exhibition Silver medal
  Mrinal Sen AFIAP The Day Begins Carl M. Stoermer Silver Medal
  Harry Daemen EFIAP/s Erika PSA: Bronze medal
  Max Van Son EFIAP/d2 MPSA Back Home PSA: Bronze medal
  Mahesh Kumar Viswanadha Pictorial 46 PSA: Bronze medal
  Anirban Banerjee Push FIAP: Bronze medal
  Mainak Dey PPSA Sara in Solitude FIAP: Bronze medal
  Suszkiewicz Ole GMPSA MFIAP Little Girl Alone FIAP: Bronze medal
  Yushan Li In the Rain Arctic Exhibition Bronze medal
  Liv Inger Natvik ENSFF ANSFF Refleksjon Jettegryta (1 of 1) Arctic Exhibition Bronze medal
  Samir Zahirovic KMFAUFBiH Nerka F1 Arctic Exhibition Bronze medal
  Ommund ØGÅRD EFIAP Two in a Staircase Carl M. Stoermer Bronze Medal
  Alireza Bagheri Sani Gap PSA: Ribbon
  James Ide Beauty and Grace PSA: Ribbon
  Valerie Kleindienst AFIAP Cat on Car PSA: Ribbon
  Suszkiewicz Ole GMPSA MFIAP Bella Balance PSA: Ribbon
  BJØRN Reidar Olsson Against the Wind PSA: Ribbon
  Mariusz Redlich Maria PSA: Ribbon
  Menachem Sinai NatanyaPhotoClub NatanyaPhotoClub My Chair PSA: Ribbon
  Jan-Thomas Stake MFIAP EFIAP/d3 Newborn PSA: Ribbon
  Jan-Thomas Stake MFIAP EFIAP/d3 Stripes 5656 PSA: Ribbon
  Raymond Bridges LRPS AFIAP Curves and Light FIAP: Ribbon
  Jens Jakobsson Swan in Morning Mist FIAP: Ribbon
  Jianping Li Grand Ceremony in Hakka Village FIAP: Ribbon
  Barbro Lindh AFIAP,NSMiF/, ARSF Concrete FIAP: Ribbon
  Suszkiewicz Ole GMPSA MFIAP Evening Flight FIAP: Ribbon
  BJØRN Reidar Olsson Hidden M FIAP: Ribbon
  Claire Schreuder AFIAP BPE2* Living in the Digital Age FIAP: Ribbon
  Jan-Thomas Stake MFIAP EFIAP/d3 The Rope 1305 FIAP: Ribbon
  Xingguo Zhang Spread Wings to Fly FIAP: Ribbon
  Marion Klette Bridge to Heaven Arctic Exhibition HM
  Yeokkian Jenn Koh MPSA Misty Street Arctic Exhibition HM
  Lev Ravich In the Shadow Arctic Exhibition HM
  Mariusz Redlich Wiktoria 2 Arctic Exhibition HM
  Nóra Skerlecz The silhouette Arctic Exhibition HM
  Morten Tellefsen Old Books Arctic Exhibition HM
  Morten Tellefsen The Fisherman Arctic Exhibition HM
  Shizhong Yang Companion Arctic Exhibition HM
  Mo Zhigang Go to the Market Arctic Exhibition HM
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