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Judging of Arctic Exhibition is ended and the report cards is sent by email to all participants. We want to congratulate all of you and thank you all for a fantastic participation and stunning Pictures! All the reports will be available on our website within a week. Again - Thank you all!


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Closing date
May 16th 2014
May 23rd - 27th 2014
June 1st 2014
June 21st - 22nd 2014
Awards sent
July 22nd 2014
Catalogue sent
August 11th 2014


Four digital sections
Snow and Ice (ND)
Search and Rescue (PJD)
Open Color (PID Color)
Open Monochrome (PID Monochrome)

Help us to take care of planet Earth!

As last year we will put a special focus on Snow and Ice.

We therefore wish to make our efforts for our common environment and people's right to live as they always have.

You can read the facts about global warming here;

Global Warming & Climate Change

But - we will also make a new theme section in honour to those who are willing to risk their own lifes to save others.

Search and Rescue

We will honor all those people worldwide who put themselves at risk every day to save the lives of others.

It is deeply based in the human nature to help others who are in danger and needs a helping hand.

We want to see pictures from all over the world, from natural disasters, fires, accident locations, rescue operations at sea and anywhere there may be people who need help.

The section has the approval from PSA in photojournalism and the story means more in the picture than the technical quality.

Information about the Norwegian rescue services can be found here;

Norwegian Search and Rescue services

We look forward to receiving your entries for the 4th Arctic of Photographic Art 2014

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