5th Arctic Exhibition of Photographic Art

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The Arctic Exhibition 2015 commitee wish to thank all participants of this exhibition.

Results and Demographics

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Arctic Exhibition 2015 - Chairmans message

As leader of the 5th Arctic Exhibition it is a great pleasure for me to thank you all photo friends around the world again, for having done this world's northernmost salon to a big success!

It is the fifth time in the last 30 years that it has been an international photo competition in Norway.
These year we have set focus on Street photography and one of the Norwegian pioneers - Carl M. Størmer.

To make this salon a reality, I have had many talented employees with me and they have done a fantastic job. I am grateful and full of admiration for their efforts.

I must also comment the fantastic juries who conducted the evaluation of all images with great conscience.

Congratulations to you all for fantastic results and stunning photos!

We can tell you that we already have started planning the 6th Arctic Exhibition 2015 who will be held in May 2016 with the same three sections as this year.

Our judges has this year a comment to the pictures and the quality.
The best ones is very good. But there is a big gap down to the pics in the lower part of the scale.
It seems like many photographers does a very good job, but on some point there is something going wrong.
An often it is on the last processing. On the print to say it that way. On the preparing for screen if you like.
Remember the old workflow from the analog days - Shooting, darkroom, printing (Copy).
On the last stage the message from the judges is clear. "Less is better!" Don't kill your pictures with sharpening and extra effects. Don't add things into the picture to increase the moment. And if you do - do it properly! And the last word from the judges - You must remove visible dust from the camera sensor!!

Stay tuned on www.arcticexhibition.no and www.lofotenexhibition.no for more information, and of course we will send information to each of you on email.

Thanks all photo friends!

With best regards,

Olav-Inge Alfheim, EFIAP /s, ESFIAP, EsNSFF

Recognition(PTD) Patronage 2015/275

PSA Recognition(PTD) -- FIAP - Patronage 2015/275